Why should I come to the #CREi Summit?

Because you want to up your game on commercial real estate related social media and meet others who are some of the best in the world at their craft? The pandemic changed how we will communicate going forward and brand matters more today than every before. Iron sharpens iron and you will be challenged and inspired to up your game at the #CREi Summit.

Who is putting this event together?

We are an independent group of commercial real estate professionals. The co-chairs of the conference are Natalie Wainwright and Coy Davidson. Ken Ashley is supporting them and a leadership team of over 10 additional professionals who are working hard to make this the best experience ever!

Wait, there will be people from different shops there… how will that work?

We believe that good ideas don’t stop at the door of our shops. There are amazing people all over the commercial real estate world. Come meet some of them!

This is your first year. Why should I come?

We’ve assembled a leadership team of 12 amazing professionals. The conference is co-chaired by two giants of commercial real estate social media; Coy Davidson and Natalie Wainwright. Also, we’ve hired a professional event planning crew that is amazing. The team is working super hard to create an experience you will never forget. We are doing this out of passion and not profit. We believe you will love the resulting experience.

How big will the conference be?

We are estimating 125-150 people and we love conferences of this size. You can really get to know people and develop lasting relationships.

How did you select the venue and tell me about it.

Glad you asked! Coy Davidson had the initial idea for our meeting. Ken Ashley suggested Lake Tahoe because he knew it was beautiful and full of things to do, but he had never been able to see the area. Natalie Wainwright, who has been to the area all her life assured us it would be amazing.