Keynotes & Speakers

Keynotes & Speakers

The Ultimate Permission Slip

By Poonam Sharma

The pandemic was the great pause of our time, sparking change in so many of the ways we live, work, love and think. Hear one woman’s story of how a series events conspired to force her to revisit her understanding of what it means to fully give herself permission to live the life that she wanted…and how you can do it too. Author and venture capitalist Poonam Sharma draws on a pandemic birth story, a mid-life career shift and even the lessons we can learn from the one shark in history who learned to walk on land, to describe how the third-level of permission is the key to unlocking what you’re really capable of.

Finding Flow Frequently

By Nate Zinsser Ph.D.

Hear from Nate Zinsser Ph.D., published author and Director, Performance Psychology Program at the United States Military Academy as he discusses the psychology behind performance breakthroughs. Nate has worked with some of the biggest names in sports and he will share his model to overcome resistance to fully embrace your opportunities. Going from pretty good to very good is one thing, but he will show us the way from very good to flat out awesome!