Keynotes & Speakers

Keynotes & Speakers

Curve Benders: How Strategic Relationships Can Power Your Non-linear Growth in the Future of Work

By David Nour

David Nour will discuss Curve Benders as a personal growth roadmap guiding you into the future of relationships in work, life, play, and giving. He will guide you through the complicated intersection of work, life, play, and giving. Countless new forces will shape the future, so the strategic relationships we form in these areas of life are, of necessity, changing. He will show you how to move into the future and dramatically alter your growth trajectory in both its direction and ultimate destination. David, the author of Relationship Economics and a top thought leader on business relationships, has identified 15 forces that will heavily influence what we do and how and where we engage our current and prospective relationships to create value and make a difference in the lives of others.

Rules Of Engagement – Storytelling From ‘The Hollywood Tool Kit’

By Phil Darius Wallace

Screen actor and performer Phil Darius Wallace takes us through the Hollywood playbook on mastering interpersonal and online presentation skills. Public speaking and presenting are no longer soft skills. In this 21st century world of technology with a mix of in-person and online interactions, people are looking for personal connection. Warren Buffet told a graduating class, “public speaking skills are an invaluable asset! Lack of public speaking skills is an unfortunate liability.” AKA lack of presentation skills translates to a lack of profitability! Presentation skills don’t come naturally. They require practice and an intentional mindset. There are two sides to a presentation – the presenter and the audience. The presenter must engage their audience. What separates a good presentation from one that lacks engagement is the understanding that what connects your ideas, values, and beliefs to clients and future clients is storytelling. Stories bring life to a presentation and they’re what we most remember. Facts only inform but stories make an impression and moves us emotionally. People don’t make decisions based on logic but based on emotion. If you want to grow yourself, relationships and business, master the art of storytelling and your growth and skills as a public speaker, along with overcoming the fear of public speaking, will naturally follow.